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MAMANE Origin of surname


Surnames derive from one of many different origins. Sometimes there may be more than one explanation for the same name. This family name is a toponymic (derived from a geographic name of a town, city, region or country). Surnames that are based on place names do not always testify to direct origin from that place, but may indicate an indirect relation between the name-bearer or his ancestors and the place, such as birth place, temporary residence, trade, or family-relatives.

The family name Maman is associated with the Spanish town of Miaman/Meaman in the province of Orense, where Jews lived since the early 11th century. The name (and variants) is recorded as a Jewish family name in the following examples: in the 16th century, Mosheh Maman, whose family origins were in Granada, Spain, was a rabbi and physician of Suleyman the Magnificent the Ottoman Sultan; Rabbi Joseph Maman was born in Tetouan, Morocco, settled in Eretz Israel, went to Persia in 1793, and then settled in Bukhara; Rabbi Shelom Maman from Sefrou, Morocco, lived in the 18th century, and his grave is a site of Jewish pilgrimage; Raphael Maman (born 1810 in Meknes, Morocco, died 1882) was chief rabbi of Safed and of Tiberias, Eretz Israel, and author of 'Sefer Marpe La-Nefesh'; in the 20th century, the Moroccan-born Israeli educator, Moshe Maman, was co-founder of the 'Beyahad' movement. In the 20th century, Maman is recorded as a Jewish family name with Gisele, Henri, Haim, Florence, Farha and Rebbeca Maman, who died in the tragic Egoz incident. The ship Egoz, carrying immigrants from Morocco to Israel, had been chartered by the Jewish underground in Morocco. It sank with the loss of 44 passengers on January 10, 1961.
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