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Ze'ev Vladimir Jabotinsky

Ze'ev Vladimir Jabotinsky (1880-1940) - Zionist leader, founder of Revisionist Zionist Party. Writer, journalist and orator, born in Odessa, Ukraine (then part of the Russian Empire) into a traditional Jewish family. He studied law in Italy and Switzerland.
During World War I he helped form the Jewish Legion of the British army which helped liberate Israel from the Ottomans’ occupation.

In 1923 he quit the World Zionist organization and established the new Revisionist party called Alliance of Revisionists–Zionists and its youth movement, Betar.

During the 1930s Jabotinsky was deeply concerned with the situation of the Jewish community in Europe and went on to warn Jews that they should leave for Palestine as soon as possible.

In 1935, after Zionists executives rejected his political program he resigned from the Zionist movement and founded the New Zionist Organization, NZO, to conduct independent political activity for free immigration to Palestine and the establishment of the Jewish state.

In 1937 Jabotinsky became the commander of the IZL, Irgun Zvai Leumi (National Military Organization), which was the militant wing of the Revisionist party.

Jabotinsky died of a heart attack in New York, on August 4, 1940, while visiting an armed Jewish self-defense camp run by Betar

In 1964 Jabotinsky’s remains were brought to Israel and buried in Jerusalem at Mount Herzl Cemetery.

Date of birth:
18th of October, 1880
Date of death:
4th of August, 1940
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Place of death:
New York City
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Written by researchers of ANU Museum of the Jewish People
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