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Brandeis, Louis Dembitz

Brandeis, Louis Dembitz (1856-1941) - distinguished US jurist and the first Jew to be appointed to the US Supreme Court
in 1916. He was also active in Jewish and Zionist affairs.
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United States of America (USA)
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Written by researchers of ANU Museum of the Jewish People
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Surnames derive from one of many different origins. Sometimes there may be more than one explanation for the same name. This family name is a toponymic (derived from a geographic name of a town, city, region or country). Surnames that are based on place names do not always testify to direct origin from that place, but may indicate an indirect relation between the name-bearer or his ancestors and the place, such as birth place, temporary residence, trade, or family-relatives.

Brandys/Brandeis is a town in northern Bohemia, where Jews settled in the early 16th century. Other localities associated with surnames in this group are Brandys/Brandeis in Silesia, Brandis near Leipzig, Germany, and Brandis near the German capital, Berlin. Brandeis is recorded as a Jewish surname in northern Bohemia with Bezalel Brandeis of Prague, who visited the Leipzig fairs in Germany from 1689 to 1710.

Distinguished bearers of the Jewish family name Brandeis include the Bohemian rabbi and author Bezalel Ben Mose HaLevi Brandeis (1727-1760); the American jurist Louis Dembitz Brandeis (1856-1941), who was the first Jewish member of the US Supreme Court; and the Polish-born American college Professor Joseph Brandeis. Distinguished bearers of the Jewish surname Brandes include the mid 18th century German rabbi and author Mordechai Ben Elieser Brandes and the Danish writer, literary critic and historian Georg Morris Cohen Brandes (1842-1927).

Distinguished bearers of the Jewish family name Brandys include the 20th century Polish author Kazimierz Brandys.
Louis Dembitz Brandeis (1856-1941), distinguished US
jurist and the first Jew to be appointed to the US Supreme Court in 1916. He was also active in Jewish and Zionist affairs
Here with N. Strauss (left) and Rabbi Stephen Wise (right)

United States of America (USA)

A country in North America

Estimated Jewish population in 2018: 5,700,000 out of 325,000,000 (1.7%). United States is the home of the second largest Jewish population in the world. 

Community life is organized in more than 2,000 organizations and 700 federations. Each of the main religious denominators – Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist – has its own national association of synagogues and rabbis. 

American cities (greater area) with largest Jewish populations in 2018:

New York City, NY: 2,000,000
Los Angeles, CA: 662,000
Miami, FL: 555,000
Philadelphia, PA: 275,000
Chicago, IL: 294,000
Boston, MA: 250,000
San Francisco, CA: 304,000
Washington, DC & Baltimore, MY: 217,000

States with largest proportion of Jewish population in 2018 (Percentage of Total Population):

New York: 8.9
New Jersey: 5.8
Florida: 3.3
District of Columbia: 4.3
Massachusetts: 4.1
Maryland: 4
Connecticut: 3.3
California: 3.2
Pennsylvania: 2.3
Illinois: 2.3